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Name Course Tutor Date Hate crimes Introduction Hate crime has been a major issue of concern in the society. Normally, they occur due to discrimination based on one’s skin color, ethnicity, religious beliefs or gender among other factors. Perpetrators of hate crimes have inflicted fear on their victims which causes some of them to hide or relocate to areas where they are not biased against. Generally, hate crimes have serious psychological effects on their victims which could lead to some of them ending their own lives. However, there are effective solutions to these problems as will be discussed in this paper. Thesis statement: This paper attempts to highlight the effects of hate crimes and to propose effectual solutions to the problem. 1) Three effects explained a) behavioral effects b) Rebellion from the minority c) Emotional effects 2) Effectual solutions elucidated a) Imposition of harsh laws against hate crimes b) Creating awareness against hate crime 1. a) Behavioral effects “About one-third of the participants (33.9 percent) reported behavioral changes as both coping responses to the most recent attack and as attempts to avoid potential future victimization. These behavioral changes included moving out of the neighborhood, decreasing social participation, purchasing a gun and increasing safety precautions for children in the family”( Dressler 114). This is in preparation in the event that they get attacked again. b) Rebellion “In contrast to avoidance, the behavioral coping of some victims consisted of preparations for retaliation. One black man stated, "I am scared that I might catch one of these people. . . . The scariest thing is I got guns and can use them." (Terry, 78) Victims of hate crimes rebel in retaliation in order to avenge their loved ones.

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