Hate Crime Analysis

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Hate crimes can be found in the past and of course in the present. The future of hate crimes can only be imagined. Crimes of hate can be against any type of victim, such as race, religion, or sexual orientation. Sometimes the lines between the victims will become blurred in certain areas of the country or the world. There are different instruments or theories that are created to help extinguish what is hate crime, how to deal with the hate crime, and possible ways to prevent hate crimes from occurring in certain areas, situations, or victims. There are several specific factors that serve as a basis for victimization in the hate crimes in this society and around the world. One of those specific factors is race, especially someone be black or African American in society. Throughout the years there have been struggles for the different treatment based on the color of the skin. From the beginning of the United States, African Americans were used as slaves (ssc.wisc.edu, 2009). Years down the road through fights for freedom and equality, African Americans were given some freedoms. Going a long way from years ago African Americans have become equal to the different races; however the fight is not over. In the present they have the freedom, but many of the individuals are still discriminated against or treated badly because of the color of their skin. Hate crime can be defined differently based on the crime, the group or individual that is the victim, and the group or the individual doing the crime. A local, state, or federal law defines a hate crime as harm from a threat, a physical action, or harassment towards someone’s differences. The differences can include race, sexual orientation, religion or even someone’s disability (US Legal, 2012). Many resources can be found that talk about hate crime and the people that the hate crimes are against. Race is one of the

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