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What Makes a Good University? ­­­ Thoughts and Suggestions Yang Fujia Fudan University Ningbo Nottingham University 1 “I’ve read it with great pleasure. It is very thoughtfully and carefully written. If more people are thinking about or discussing this issue, it will bring great benefits for running a university well and successfully…Reform and development of education 2 are rather more practicable measures and stronger actions than just talk. ” (A letter written by Premier Wen Jiabao, 11 April 2008) 1 At least 50 people have done thorough research and careful thinking (please refer to the “Acknowledgements” section). 2 Premier Wen said in his government work report on 5 March 2008, “(The government) shall implement competence­based education in an all­round way and push forward educational reform and innovation. It shall deepen reforms of the educational curriculum, the methods of teaching, the examination and recruitment systems, the system of evaluation etc., and effectively relieve the study workload of primary and high school students.” This has set out a clear direction for this year’s work. (This sentence is quoted thrice in the article.) “Provide satisfactory education to the people” ­­­­Hu Jintao, 29 August 2006 “One of my big concerns has been about how to educate and train more talent.” How to improve the quality of higher education? How to make a higher education institution special? Premier Wen Jiabao followed on with two other issues long held on his mind. ­­­­People’s Daily, 28 November 2006 “What makes a good university? I think about this issue very often. Though I’ve offered some thoughts, I think it is far from enough and many problems exist in reality…..I’m

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