Hata 1 Western Architecture vs Renaissance Architecture Case Study Century City Canal Walk

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The Renaissance Era derived from “La Rinascita” 1 is said to be the “re-introduction or re-birth of Classical Architecture in Europe at the beginning of the fifteenth century” 2. It was the conscious revival of ancient Greek and Roman architecture in thought, material and culture 3. Century City’s various architects have been said to copy elements of renaissance architecture, just as the architects of the renaissance period had copied architectural elements from the Ancient Romans. The renaissance period is split into three designations namely the Early Renaissance (Quatrrocento), High Renaissance and Mannerism Period which was spread across three centuries (1400-1600) 4. It is said to have started in Florence, Italy and then spread throughout France, Germany, England and other Western European countries 5. With the “invention of printing which aided the spread of knowledge, the spirit of inquiry, and the diffusion of freedom of thought” 6, patrons of Italy revived an interest in classical literature whilst revolting against the medieval art of the time, thus producing a desire for the revival of Roman Architecture. In this time, Vitruvius’s ‘De Architectura’ or ‘The Ten Books of Architecture’ manuscript was discovered in Switzerland (1414) and translated from Latin to Italian 7. It was the first book on architecture which inspired Italy’s patrons to adapt a ‘new style’ using the classical orders of architecture and terminating the superiority of Gothic architecture as it did not hold in there 8. Architects of the Renaissance explored the Ancient Romans architecture through the help of Vitruvius’s findings as well as measuring roman structures such as the Parthenon, Bascillica of Maxentius, Collosseum and the remains of great baths 9. This taught them the principles of proportion, symmetry and geometry in real structures while using the human body as a scale
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