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Hat Critique

  • Submitted by: dnjmlsodf15
  • on November 26, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Olivia Gasmen
Drama 101
Honor Amongst Thieves
November 21, 2009

Olivia Gasmen
Ms. Betty Burdick
Drama 101
November 25, 2009
Honor Amongst Thieves Critique
Last Saturday, I went to watch the play, Honor Amongst Thieves at the Leeward Community College Theater. Background sounds and music created the heated tension especially needed in the epic fights and overall action.   I can relate to the turmoil and emptiness Captain John Blackheart went through with the loss of his beloved wife and how he used an alternative of piracy to distract himself from the emptiness inside. I went through a situation like that but not to that extent; I used other means to distract myself from my sadness but I still did not move on doing that. The play was very exciting and kept me interested throughout the whole play.
The play is centered on Captain John Blackheart who just cannot let go of the past of losing his wife and is not able to move on. He reacts to his fate of being alone by turning to piracy, wearing dressing, and continuously getting drunk at bars. Blackheart and his pirate crew set their eyes on stealing the treasure from the Duel of Champions. Disguised as a servant named “Fish,” he saves the governor’s daughter and is invited to the governor’s banquet. But he is caught stealing the treasure from the Duel of Champions that the governor holds and is sent to be executed. Blackheart is sent free on the condition that him and his crew save the governor’s daughter from the vampires’ clutches. They rescue her from the vampires and is finally able to move on and give love a second try. Blackheart renounces his piracy days and asks Isabella, the governor’s daughter’s bodyguard to marry him.
Although in worst times where it seems nothing will ever get better, it is never too late to have a second chance at life. Because Capt. Blackheart could not get over the deaths of his loved ones especially his beloved wife, he...

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