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A.The two major types of surface markings are: (a) Depression and opening, which allow the passage of soft tissues such as blood vessels and nerves or form joints. (b) Processes which are projections or outgrowths that either help form joints or serve as attachment points for connective tissue such as ligament and tendon. Surface markings develop as the periosteum of a bone is pulled by the tendons ligaments, apneuroses and fasciae, stimulating new osseous tissue to be deposited as raised or roughened areas. Compression on a bone surface results in depression. B. Liu and Hassan were surprised to find metopic suture on an adult skull because right after birth the left side and right side of the frontal bone are united by the metopic suture. They were surprised because this suture should have disappeared between the ages of six to eight years of age. Metopic suture occurs in frontal bone C. The skeletal structures that are found inside the nasal cavity are perpendicular plate, middle and inferior nasal concha and the vomer. The delicate skeletal structure in the nasal cavity that that might be missing from an excavated skull is the septal cartilage. D Hassan and his team will be able to use Single X-ray to tell the estimated ages of the skeletal remains of the woman and the baby E. The features of the vertebral column of the larger skeleton that will indicate female is the difference in length of the vertebral column of a male in about 71 cm (28 in.) for a female the vertebral column of a female would be about 61 cm (24 in.) F The bone that could be affected by strangulation or neck trauma would be the hyoid bone; cartilages of the larynx and trachea are often fractured when strangulation is suspected. . G.The seven cervical vertebrae are numbered C1 to C7. Typical cervical vertebrae have three foramina: one vertebral foramen, and two

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