Has Uk Lost the War on Drugs Essay

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I) Introduction It is time to brake the taboo and open up the debate on the war on drugs, starting 100 years ago and since then has never stopped. It is virtually one of the longest wars ever fought against one enemy, DRUGS. However, is it fighting for a lost cause ? More importantly, has the UK already lost the 'war' ? Throughout this report we will look at the history of the fight to gain a better understanding of the different aspects of a complex matter which has proven to be a real brainteaser for the UK. We will then examine the results of the war on drugs and finally identify possible solutions in order to improve and perhaps find a viable option that could benefit everyone. II) History :100 years of fight The first international drug treaty was signed 100 years ago and today it is taken for granted that governments will co-perate in the fight against the heroin and cocaine trade. A century ago narcotics passed from one country to another with minimal interference from the autorities but it all changed in 1912 during the International Opium Convention when countries committed to stop the trade of opium, morphine and cocaine (De Castella, 2012). At the time, the US stood against narcotics and, while the UK position is unequivocal today, 100 years ago it was an unenthusiastic signature. The real concern at the time was over alcohol and there was big concern about the heavy drinking culture of the 19th Century. Britain was reluctant as it had previously fought two wars in favor of the opium trade from 1839 to 1842 and also from 1856 to 1860 in order to break Chinese efforts to restrict its importation (Gibson, 2012). Opium was therefore really popular at the time and it was possible to walk into a chemist and buy not only opium and cocaine but also arsenic ! On most of England's major ports it was common to see opium arriving alongside ordinary cargo

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