Has Labours Programme Of Constitutional Reform Bee Essay

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Has Labours Programme of Constitutional Reform been a success? The election of 1997 which brought Labour back into Government, brought a vast change to Britain. Tony Blair, the leader of the Labour Party had shown great interest in a new programme in which the Party were to under go, known as constitutional reform. Ever since the 1960’s there had been calls for constitutional reform in the UK, as in many other democratic countries who had also been interested in re-writing and revising constitutions to make them dated, and suited to the time. Britain having a flexible constitution, made it easier for Labour to change the British Constitution. To come to a conclusive decision whether Labour were successful in their constitutional reform, all elements of the changes they made have to be analysed throughout the 8 year period in which these changes were to commence. Firstly, Labour introduced the Human Rights Act 1998 which set out clear rights which everyone was entitled to; previously many of these rights had been taken for granted, an example of these being minimum wage. This then became included in the European Convention of Human Rights, which was enforced as a European Law which then automatically took precedent over British Law. This then meant that British Citizens, if felt that they were not being treated lawfully, could take their issue to the European Court. . In addition, UK legislation that is now passed must fit with the rights that are stated in the Human Rights Act. The most recent example of this is the Court blocking the deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada from UK to Jordan. Labours introduction of the Human Rights Act enabled people to have a clear indication of the rights that they had, it became easier to pinpoint where rights have been overruled. Many people feel that the Human Rights Act is close to becoming a written constitution, which

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