harsher punishment for child abuser

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First, put aside such mannerism and politeness, for you might be suffocated and shocked! Why? Living in this era in which many things have turned to be upside down and in the opposite spectrum of their nature being, there could never be any better way to picture the devil side of some people except through harsh and rude words. Pervert, animals, uncivilized and insane! Bad and rude as it seems to be, right? After all, those words are still too good to be used upon such child abuser that happened to be ignorance and ungrateful of such gifts from god. Yes, a child is a pearl that resembles the glow and shine of the future, and posing any harms toward him/her is like destroying the bridge to the coming days. For that I believe that no consensus needed as I am positive of having your majority say for the harsher punishment toward child abuser because of several reasons like protecting the children rights, the ineffective present punishment and to stop child abuse completely. The main reason why we should imposed harsher punishment towards child abuser is to protect the children rights. Living in the civilized world, we must respect other person. All people including children have rights to live without fearing harm from others. According to Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), it is stated that children have rights to live free from violence, harm and exploitation. Under Children Act 2001, children are considered as those who need protection because under certain circumstances, they may exposed to loads of dangers whether a victim themselves or involved in criminal activities. Furthermore, government should give special power to the agencies who are supposed to protect children rights so that they can take actions against child abusers. This is because nowadays, in Malaysia, agencies that can protect children
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