Harsh Reality Essay

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Harsh Reality I felt bad telling Anna I couldn’t tutor her. With exams coming up I just really wanted to get home and study before going to the play at the basketball game. I had all my books with me; two in my hands because they didn’t all fit in my backpack, plus I had my clarinet and lunch bag. It was times like this I really wish I had my license. I stopped by your room to borrow Huckleberry Finn; I don’t know why I wanted it. I had close to a million other things to do, but I did. Then I began my long trudge home. Most the time I really don’t mind walking home. I actually prefer it. I like to wait until the rush is over and most of the cars are gone before I leave. Then I can walk home unbothered. It gives me time to think about the day. Thinking about what I have to do, what happened during the day, and what should have happened. I tend to over analyze stuff of that sort, but I think a lot of people do that. For the most part I am a go with the flow sort of person, but school is always the one thing that tends to stress me out. This particular day I was just thinking about exams. How much I despise them to the core. I know I shouldn’t and stressing always makes it worse, but I can’t help it. I always feel like I am being compared. I have to do better than this girl or this person to measure up. It was just dumb stuff like that I was thinking about as I was walking. I’ve noticed that whenever I walk I have this horrible tendency to look at my feet; never seeing what is up ahead. I do it in the hallways in school too. I am constantly running into things or people as consequence. So there I was, walking home, looking down at my feet and thinking. Not exactly paying attention to what is coming ahead, like a large ice patch. Needless to say I walked right into the ice patch and fell. I was okay though, and I thought to myself that that certainly
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