Harry S. Truman Doctrine During The Cold War

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His 106 Paper1 Due 10/15/2012 Truman Doctrine Throughout history, many people have put their thoughts into action to create a better environment for all. The American presidents have all contributed to society and history while they were in office. Their ideas of how the nation should be adjusted have helped as well as hurt the United States as a whole. One of these presidents that significantly altered the history was president Harry S. Truman and his Truman doctrine. In 1947, Harry S. Truman manufactured a set of guidelines he thought was appropriate for the situation the United States of America was presently in. The start of the Cold War had begun and was described as “a commitment to aid anti- communists worldwide” and as “the guide to the Cold War that Truman’s successors would follow. The Truman Doctrine…show more content…
In order to stop communism the United States did very unconstitutional acts and made many enemies with our cause. When North Korea tried to take over South Korea, the U.S. immediately saw a threat to the Truman doctrine’s man principle and sent troops over to Korea to fight and stop communism. When we began to help, the United States soon realized we were fighting in a style of war we never faced before. Many of the soldiers sacrificed their lives because America was very eager to contain communism any way we could. We gained control after the deaths of over 60,000 of our men were killed in the line of duty. Some view this as a failure because the U.S. gained nothing from the fighting because Korea did not gain any land or resources during the war. Through saving the countries that were on the edge of becoming part of the communist nation, America escalated the tension of total nuclear destruction. The amount of cost the containment was for the United States was not seen as a success because the results were few to none and we gained nothing for
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