Harry Potter vs. Jesus Christ

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Essay – Comparison between “Jesus Christ” and “Harry Potter.” Tamar Rapaport “Harry Potter” is a story centered around love and sacrifice, redemption, good vs. evil – and a lot of hidden references to Christianity. As a person reads the books, they can see Christian symbolism everywhere, if they look- Voldemort is the anti-Christ, attempting to accomplish his goal of world domination through terror and his marked followers. Hermione is Mary Magdalene; the social outcast, who is saved by Harry and becomes his most loyal friend, staying with him when everyone has deserted him. Ron is St. Peter – though closest to Harry, he denies and abandons him twice during the book series, during the Triwizard Tournament and while they are hiding in the seventh book. Even Snape has a christian parallel- like the penitent thief on the cross besides Christ, he dies but is redeemed. But there is no more prominent reference to Christianity then Harry himself. At first, through out the first few books, the closest character you will find as Christ figure is Lily Evens, but she dies for her son, the child whom Voldemort sought to kill because of a prophecy about a boy who could have the power to kill him (Nudge, sound familiar?), not the world. Later on, Harry reveals himself to be a Christ figure. Yet the Order of the Phoenix was expecting a kingly general they wanted to lead them in their fight (like Christ). Though Harry has the right bloodlines and skills to be a leader, like Christ, he faces confrontations with evil alone, not at the head of an army, and harry does not attempt to overthrow the ruling class any more than Christ did; Harry saves everyone, even a Malfoy. And the most obvious sign is that in the end, he decides to allow Voldemort to kill him so that no one else will suffer; after Voldemort seemingly kills him (of course- A resurrection!) Harry is tortured by the
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