Harry Potter, Kids V.S Teens Essay

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A Controversial Debate: Many People believed Harry Potter by J.K Rowling books are only for children. While others believe they are only for young adults. A recent poll was taken between 7-10th grade students in Pittsburgh and Arizona. Cathi Macrae, a worker from the YALSA, to provide a nationwide teen vote on the ALM Best Book, said this about the results. “I’m going to ruin your conclusion about Harry Potter not being a young adult’s book. This very day, I received the results of two teen groups on the Teens Top Ten Best Books. Harry Potter was ranked second on the charts.” (MacRae 137-38) This shows a favorable like in Harry Potter among young adults, and that its contents appear interesting to them. A similar vote was taken between 5-6th grade students in the same city. But in this particular vote, Harry Potter did not make the top ten lists. Given the results, some may say that Harry Potter may be either too hard to understand, or just too descriptive for children. None the less, Harry Potter books seem to catch the attention of young adults rather than children. Harry Potter books are about wizards and witches. An eleven year old child brought up by his unfavorable uncle and aunt, under appalling conditions. But, like in every story, Harry discovers that there is another life in store for him. “To find his future, Arthur pulled a sword out of a stone. Young Potter just receives letters, hundreds of them, delivered by owls. Harry, as it turns out, is a wizard, and is required to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” (Kanfer) These books reveal many elements that are unsuitable for children. Corruption would brainwash children and force them to think of witchcraft as “okay.” Flying broomsticks would be a “fun” idea of imaginary transportation, causing children to be in a world of fantasy rather than reality. Even now a day, you see children

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