Harry Potter Heroes Journey

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The Call to Adventure – Harry Potter gets calledHarry Potter with his friends to adventure whenever Hagrid walks into the household of Potter’s family. 2. 3. Refusal of the Call – Harry Potter does initially refuse the call – because he does not believe 4. 5. that its possible that he is indeed a wizard. For him – its more a sense of obligation, duty, 6. 7. and beliefs that hold him back from “accepting the adventure”. 8. 9. Supernatural Aid – Once the refusal of the call has been experienced – a supernatural aid 10. 11. has come. In the case of Harry Potter – it’s Hagrid taking Harry to Diagon Alley and showing 12. 13. him that magic really exists, that he really has dead parents who used to be wizards, and that 14. 15. he proved it by confirming his bank account in Gringotts Back of the Goblins. This makes 16. 17. Harry accept the adventure more – because he believes what Hagrid has told him. 18. 19. The Crossing of the Fresh Threshold – In Harry Potter, it is very obvious where this is. 20. 21. Whenever he steps into the train and starts moving towards Hogwarts, he is in an unknown 22. 23. area that he cannot under any circumstances call home. It is a dangerous realm – Hogwarts 24. 25. – since many people don’t know him and although numerous multitudes of students 26. 27. appreciate the great Harry Potter, for him it is a rather intimidating and awkward feeling since he has never felt it before. 28. 29. The Belly of the Whale – The belly of the whale happens whenever Harry Potter sits into the Hogwarts Express and goes into the compartment with his future 30. 31. best friend, Ronald Weasley. You can clearly see that it’s the ultimate separation between the Muggle World and the Hero – or wizardry – world. 32. 33. The Road of Trials – This is the part whenever Harry Potter is in the train
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