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Harry Potter; An Adaptation from Novel to Movie Since the time renowned directors have been making movies, they have been making movies based on books. One of the major novels that has been adapted to a movie is the Harry Potter series Written by JK Rowling which has turned into an International Success. With all seven books written, and finished into movies, The Harry Potter franchise has a lot to offer scholars and 'wannabe' directors interested in the entire guidelines and the results of adapting books to movies. The movies bring Rowling's words and every Harry Potter Fan's imagination to life. The entire process of converting a novel to a movie can be a tedious one as the director has to make sure that none of the main sequences are lost keeping in mind the time constraints and the character's depiction by the author as well. One of the main reasons why a movie would eventually succeed or fail is due to the characterization, pacing and chosen content. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the first novel that was adapted into a movie from the Harry Potter series. It was directed by Christopher Columbus and written for the screen by Steve Kloves. In most cases when a book is being turned into a movie, the work of a screen writter is not compltely used. But according to Steve Kloves, working with Christopher Columbus was an experience in the opposite. Chris Columbus supported this statement by acknowledging it as a 'dream situation'. Producer David Hayman had noted that Rowling had given the freedom to exert more influence on the Harry Potter movies than is usal when a book is adapted for the screen. This was no doubt to the fact that most of the books havnt been published or when the first movie was made. She had one suggestion though, since the story takes place in Great Britain, she wanted all the actors to be actually British. Sometimes, one of the

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