Harry Potter and the Hero Archetype

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Have you ever gotten a strange letter? Was that letter immediatly taken away with the intention of keeping you in the dark? This, along with an abnormal string of events , leading up to and including his irthday, started to unravel upon Harry's head. When Hagrid sowed up, Harry, unbelieving at first, kept listening to Hagrid about is fantasy-like lineage and true calling. So in the novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry show that he first the hero archetype image, because he was part of the ordinary world when he was called to adventure, he crossed the first thresholds, and he even met older, wiser people that helped him on his journey. On the topic of being called to adventure, Harry's life was relatively, but not greatly, normal. Tobegin with, there were some mysterious occurences that began to happen around him. One time, his cruel Aunt Petunia shaved off all his hair to a buzzcut. But by the next morning, it had all grown back to its previous length. Another time, he was visiting the zoo with the Dursley's for Dudley's birthday, and the when to the reptilian exhibit. To his utter shock, he began having a conversation with a massive Brazilian boa constrictor. But the real trouble started when the letters came. At first, it was just one letter (immediatly confiscated by Uncle Vernon). But more and more and more packages came for Harry, where ever he was moved: the cupboard underneath the stairs, a new bedroom, a distant motel, even an abandoned shack in the the middle of a watery, stormy nowhere. The last letter itslef was hand-delivered by the large and ominece figure that was Hagrid. Blasting the door off its hinges, Hagrid sauntered through, just as midnight struck. After thoroughly amusing himself by terrifying the Dursley's, he explained Harry's parentage to him, and therefore his true calling. Afer discovering he was destined to become a
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