Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Ii Essay

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“End of the Epic battle” Today, the final installment in the epic Harry Potter series comes to an end. It just so happens that reading books is not my type. I forced myself to read and watched it on my available time because of the need to watched and read it. Yet, I don’t feel any regret for it was a good book because it conveys lessons in life. The last book is a great addition to the series, but also stands out fantastic novel on its own. For the movie, it began on a nostalgic note. It was perfect, magnificent but sad. The need for changes from the book made it possible for the film to be as superb as it is. There are many scenes that touched me including the death of Severus Snape who hates Harry but still trying to save the boy whatever the cost. It was fascinating for it revolves around Harry’s good deeds. He was fair for even Voldemort killed his parents; he gives him a choice to remorse. Hermione and Ron are loyal to him that even Harry’s life was in danger, they stay on Harry’s side. Hermione uses some spells that her parents would lose their memory so she can accompany harry. Although Ron turns his back at Harry, he still comes back to him for he realizes that he loves Harry more than a friend. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II depicts the heroism of Harry and proved the brilliant work of J.K Rowling. It is a good book for children because it portrays what attitude should a person apply in oneself in everyday life. Like Hermione, though she was bibliophile, despite she was intelligent, there are more important things for her like friendship. Ron who was jealous of Harry for the latter was popular, still value loyalty, friendship and comradry and return to Harry and Harry accepts him again for Ron is part of his life and a part of him is missing if Ron is not with him. It also tells us not to condemn a person who have sinned to us but give

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