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Seth Smith Lit. Vs. Pop culture Professor Slimak January 19, 2013 Harry Potter vs. King Arthur In reading Harry Potter and King Arthur, I have discovered some interesting similarities, obvious differences, and some typical archetypes. It is inherently obvious that the Harry Potter story diverges from Arthurian tradition, however both pieces of fiction similarly reveal two amazing stories that were a perfect balance between action, romance and comedy. Both Harry and Arthur were taken at a very young age to live with wicked foster parents but had the privilege of being trained under the direction of two very wise wizards, Dumbledore and Merlin. Both boys were young heroes and proved their mental strength and leadership with bravery as they dealt with deathly challenges and threats, all the while, not knowing they were being hindered from fulfilling their separate destinies. Harry was frequently endangered by Lord Valdemort and Lot of Orkney tried to murder Arthur to prevent him from becoming King. Both characters grow throughout the story to becoming heroes and almost seem to be unstoppable. Harry and Arthur are on a quest. Harry wants to stop Voldemort from obtaining the Stone, and Arthur yearns to find the Holy Grail. Both characters continue their journey with two friends, a boy and a girl, who may have a romantic connection brewing. Harry’s friends, Ron and Hermione and Arthur’s friends, Sir Lancelot and Guivevere are not just supporting characters, but inspirations to Harry and Arthur helping guide them to their fates. Both of these little, scrawny, seemingly weak characters pull swords out of objects that they should not be able to. Arthur pulls out the sword Excalibur out of a stone which is humanly impossible and Harry pulls Godric Gryffindor's sword out of the sorting hat which is totally possible, but weird that he would have

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