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My endless refrain was “Harry Potter sucks!” Yes, I was the girl that hated the boy who lived. To everyone I met, I was adamant, Harry Potter was not and will never be for me! I seemed to have an undying hatred for the series. But beneath the Hagrid hatred, the Ron-bashing and the Dumbledore quips, I harbored a dark secret, I very much did not hate Harry Potter; in fact, deep down, I loved it! So, now you are thinking what the frak?! What kind of twisted person goes around insulting books that she actually thinks are pretty darn nifty? Let me explain. I grew up loving witchcraft. Yes, you heard me right, witchcraft. I have seen every episode of Charmed at least twenty times, Buffy was awesome (but hey, Willow and Tara were witches, so they had her beat), and do not forget Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Bewitched. Yes, I loved it all. So much so that I had books on the subject. My shelves were filled with books on the matter; not only did I have every fiction book I could find, let’s not forget the glorious Twitches series, but I had the more hardcore readings too. I had writings on witchcraft theory and practice at the tender age of ten. Consulting the oracles, demonology, spells, yes, I knew it all. So, you may ask, if I loved this stuff so much, what happened? Life is funny that way. When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in the United States in 1998, I was all over it! At the time, my favorite show was Sabrina and I had been watching Bewitched reruns on TV Land since I could remember, so a new book on the subject was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to read, and read it I did! Here is where things started getting tricky. The books were becoming a hit, my little niche that I had carved out so nicely for myself, my place in my corner of the universe was being invaded, slowly, by well, everyone. I will be the first one to admit it, I am nuts!

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