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I have always been fascinated by Harry Potter. He is a magical character with great powers. He loves his family and friends, and would die for them in a heartbeat. He is also humble and is one of the most powerful heroes in the fictional world. For these reasons; I believe Harry Potter is the most interesting character in the world. Harry Potter has the ability to become invisible from any harm that comes his way. He can turn an angry tiger into a tiny little harmless kitty cat. He can also fly over the moon and touch the light blue clouds in the sky. Harry can travel through time and explore our ancient history. Harry can make a puddle into a river, and then build a canoe to travel on the river. Harry Potter can do anything I could ever possibly dream of and more. Harry can change the world with just a twirl of his magical wand. Harry Potter has an immense amount of love for his friends and family. He has had many near experiences of death; risking his life to save his loved ones. He almost died for his intelligent friend, Hermione, who was almost killed by a dementor. He travelled to the bottom of the big blue sea, without any breath, risking his life, to save her. Numerous times, he defended his friend Ron, from all the other wizards that were out to kill him. His devotion towards his friends and family is something to admire. Humble is Harry’s middle name. He has more gold than a leprechaun, and doesn’t even use it. Instead he gives all his money to the poor, unfortunate wizards. He never flaunts his money and throws it in anybody’s face, as a matter of fact; he acts like he has no money at all. He is also a hero, the most powerful hero in the wizardry world. He reigns over all of the hero’s in the world as the top savior of them all. He has saved many lives, but yet remains the humble boy that he is. There is no doubt that Harry Potter is an

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