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Harry Potter has been loved by many people in the world. Although it is a fantasy novel and children’s literature, it is popular not only among children but also among adults. The first six books have been made into movies by 2009. The seventh book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been made into two movies in 2010. The first part was released in November 2010, and the second part is going to be released in July 2011. I have read the book three times and have already seen the movie of the first part last month. In my opinion, the movie is less interesting than the book. The story of the book is described in great detail, and it is easy for me to imagine the scenes although there are few pictures in the book. Also, Harry’s emotion is described well because the story is described mainly by his point of view. I can read his emotion from the book. In addition, there are so many characters in the book that I cannot remember some of them. I sometimes read previous volumes to remember them. But those characters are essensial to the book to make it interesting. On the other hand, the story of the movie is shorter and less detailed. I was disgusted with the movie because there was no scene which I wanted to see. After I saw the movie, I complained about that with friends. In the movie each character is focused on equally, and it is difficult to know Harry’s emotion. When I saw the movie, I couldn’t read his emotion although I could do it when I read the book. I was less moved in the movie than in the book. Moreover, there are not so many characters in the movie. It makes the story boring, but I don’t have to see previous movies to remember the characters. In conclusion, the book is more interesting than the movie. But there are some good points in the movie. One of the points is that I can enjoy the scene more excitingly because the image of movie is very

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