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Huy Nguyen Green English 1302 6/6/2012 Journal 1 Muggles, Qidditch, and Hermoine. Is those word is familiar with you? They come from the Harry Poster book series which is very popular. These are wonderful books, but it is dislike by some adults and literary group. Witchcrafts and other mythical things happen in these books can capture children and adults alike; these are not books for only children. However, a lot of parents think these books are evil and inappropriate to read to student because it can make them believe in bad thing from now on. Harry Potter should not be banned from public school because student can develop an imagination and learn to read from these books. In addition, there is much belief in different views, and you can’t control the whole public school. Everyone has their own right, even though they are students. They can do what they want to do and what they don’t want to do. Parents have the right on that they want their children to read or heard. The problem is you don’t need to be a child to enjoy Harry Potter books. If you don’t like to read these books, it is fine. You have choice on what you read, write and watch, but you don’t have a right to speak for everyone else and try to ban these books from public school. So don’t ruin it for everyone else. Next is the point of view. In my opinion, Harry Potter is not much violent; it is the same as other fiction books. Many readers’ view is international phenomenon, new experience, and new adventures. Some people think this is an evil book and horrible for society. Other people say these are amazing books that bring a new breath of air to them. Most Harry Potter fans think these books have typical magical book theme of children’s book and make the reading become popular again. A view is a kind of subjective evaluation because everyone has their own opinion. Some people say it just

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