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Hank Lanto Dr. Sumser Harry Potter After reading the piece on harry potter I have came to the conclusion that to me the illustration is good overcoming evil I don't see the problem with that portrayal. I hope I am not a bad Christian for my belief but I tend to try the bigger message when looking at something. I do understand that there is witches and ghost in the movie but that is not the message. The message is to show one person overcoming evil in entraining story. Also helps us not to judge a book by the cover, a lot of the characters seem scary and bad but this movies shows another layer by showing you cant always judge someone by how they look. The story of harry potter is very creative and has gained a lot of attention but I think if you go to watch the film, it would be ok to just enjoy the show. Its not like everything I watch I take seriously really, extreme Christians are really putting Christians in a bind because they portraying a bad image for everyone. Again in terms of harry potter I feel it this movie has a good concept good vs. evil. It shows us that we shouldn't judge people by how they look, but instead really get to know the person. This book should not conflict with Christians because we should be able to separate for what it is a creative movie with a good

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