Harry Lavender Essay

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Distinctive voices Text: The if end crimes of harry lavender by Marele Day Related material: Two different types: e.g. monologue, extract from a play, interview, part of a short story, speeches, ‘Summer Heights High’ ‘Kath + Kim’ Genre – crime fiction Novel subverts the crime fiction genre by having a woman instead of a man as the protagonist or the private eye Set in the 1980’s in Sydney About the violent criminal underworld - the underbelly in Sydney in the 1980’s Harry Lavender if a crime boss – never meet him – We know about Harry through extracts from a book on his life which are included in the novel and have been written by a man called Mark Banister Claudia Valentine – told in first person from her point of view One important voice in the story is Claudia who is telling the story Voice of Harry is present everywhere. Focus’ on corruption – links between corrupt police and judges and criminals The voice of the city – city is personified – voice of city is power Australian idiom will be very powerful - voice of Australia - colloquial Voice of the criminal world and detective fiction Instead of the masculine POV, there is the voice of gender - author feminizes the role of the detective fighting criminals Men would have more violent approach – describes male detectives as being like cowboys – a female will use her intelligence – loves solving cryptic crosswords – female intuition Has skills in martial arts and is very tall. Probably in her early 30s and is divorced – has 2 children that are with her ex husband whose now re married. Computers were around in the 1980’s – looks at power and destructive nature of computers Crime conventions – Murders, Stalking, Corruption, Drug dealing, Action, Romantic interest, violence, car chases, phone tapping, A detective – a sleuth, characters in the
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