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S.M.A.R.T TARGETS Long term goal: To get the participants catching 9/10 underarm throws, and 8/10 overarm throws. Also teaching the team to field quickly and to get with the game as soon as possible. Short term goal: For players to know the importance of being alert at all times. To know that concentration is key when fielding and keeping. Specific: i want the players to improve their consistency in their catching and fielding in a real life situation. i would like to see the players saving runs for the team in the field. Measurable: i would keep a record of how many catches and how many runs saved by each fielder, and compile it onto a chart. I would also include any drop catches and how many miss fields. I would regularly update the team and see how they are doing in their performances. Adjustable: I can adjust the game by making it easier, or harder. I can make it harder by throwing the ball quicker over shorter distances, or easier by giving the player 1 on 1 help on how to improve, this allows me to spend more time with the player on how he/she can improve on their weak spots. Realistic: I know that i set reasonable targets because i realize what current levels of each player is at. I have also analyzed the progression of each player, so i know how far they can improve in a period of time. Time Based: I would have to work in a period of time which I would want to improve specific manageable goals. For example; I could spend a session on fielding, so a player would have to perform the short barrier 9/10 correctly. Aims and objectives of session Aim: To improve participants catching and fielding techniques, and successfully put it into a game situation. objective: to show the players how to perform the short and long barrier, and how to catch using the proper technique. Also practice on their short and long

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