Harrison Keyes Problem Solution Essay

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Issue and Opportunity Identification Many issues within the Harrison-Keyes scenario must be addressed in order for the organization to implement the e-Publishing initiative successfully. Asia Digital, the company that Harrison-Keyes outsourced their formatting tasks to, is out of business due to massive floods hitting the coast of India. Due to Harrison-Keyes not having a backup plan in place, they do not have the resources necessary to complete the formatting tasks in a timely manner. By establishing a contingency reserve, they could have had money allocated to cover expenses for this unexpected event. A contingency fund is funds that are set aside to cover unexpected occurrences and costs that are unforeseeable and not defined within the project scope. (Querns, 1989, p. B.9.1) Failure to include a backup and contingency plan has caused the organization to fail in reaching its deadlines for completion on the formatting of e-books. Another issue facing Harrison-Keyes is due to the resignation of their CEO Meg McGill. The new CEO William Guardo is not in favor of e-Publishing. After seeing the issues that the organization has been facing, he gave them 30 days to show some type of progress or else he would throw it out. Harrison-Keyes must show that the e-Publishing initiative can provide a competitive advantage to the organization and increase profits. By implementing an earned value system, Harrison-Keyes can measure performance against the estimated budget and baseline plan to ensure that tasks are being done according to plan and to implement changes as needed. According to Hayes, “Because EVA takes into account the project scope, schedule, and budget, a project manager can refer to tangible numbers – rather than just a gut feeling – to determine if the project is advancing on time and within budget” (Hayes & Miller, 2002, p. 80). One of the issues that

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