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March 24, 2013 Mrs. Harvey Compare and Contrast Essay Portfolio Where can you find two authors writing short stories that have similar fruitless acts? The stories “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and “A&P” by John Updike both explore the same central theme. In the story “A&P” the struggle against society is through the character Sammy and in the story “Harrison Bergeron”, it is portrayed by Harrison. Sammy faces his boss, who is very set in his ways, and Harrison faces an entire society that is very corrupt. Both Updike and Vonnegut show that both characters face many challenges. In the story “A&P” Sammy shows that he has uniqueness and self-expression, rebellion against authority with stubbornness to conform. In the story “Harrison Bergeron” Harrison thinks that he needs to change what he presumes is wrong by doing something drastic. He removes his “handicaps” and then starts dancing, the law requires that he wears his “handicaps”, and also states that dancing is illegal. As with Sammy showing his uniqueness, stubbornness and rebellion it is evident that Kurt Vonnegut shows that Harrison has the same traits. Sammy in the story “A&P” repeatedly imagines demeaning his boss Lengel, and then lightly acts with his actual words by accusing him of being too harsh on the girls that were in the store. Sammy and Harrison portray distinctive traits that eventually lead both characters rebelling against their superiors. In the story “Harrison Bergeron” you find Harrison striving more for equality than you find Sammy doing in the story “A&P”. Kurt Vonnegut presented a scary view of a future society, where everyone is equal. Whereas in John Updikes’ story of “A&P” he introduces readers to an adolescent who undergoes metamorphosis while working at a local grocery store. The two writers have very different styles John Updike likes to write

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