Harriet Tubman's Worth A Thousand Words

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Formula: Paragraph One- Use words from question with one of Carol’s Sentence starters (throughout the saga of time, throughout history) Clearly, (filler sentence) USE VOCABULARY WORDS! This concept can be illustrated when examining _______ and ______. A sentence or two about both people. Thesis statement using Undeniably, or Inarguably Paragraph Two and Three Paragraph Four Unequivocally, (restate thesis) Write one sentence briefly talking about the people. Even in today’s world this problem still holds true concerning (tie in person). A sentence about the tie in person, showing that (restate thesis) Topics: Harriet Tubman: Tubman was embedded into slavery, both of her parents were subjected to the dissonant conditions…show more content…
Most known for his acts on September 11, 2001: most devastating blow to the United States, Al-Qaeda jihadists hijacked four commercial planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center (NYC), The Pentagon (DC) and a field in Pennsylvania, killed nearly 3,000 civilians In 2011, President Obama announced Bin Laden had been finally killed, “his demise should be welcomed by all those who believe in piece and dignity” *Bin Laden was willing to kill innocent Americans due to his devotion to Islam and Al-Qaeda Tiger Woods professional golf player: won the US masters in 1997 at age 21, the youngest man/African American to earn the title in 2009, Woods took a hiatus from golf to deal with his personal life drama, his personal life took a turn for the worse, so did his golf game Awards won: PGA Titles, 3 US Masters Voted PGA Tour Player of the Year 7 Times In 2009, suspicions arose when a fight between Tiger and his wife Elin grew violent, Tiger would not admit any troubles but did not attend any other tournaments in 2009 Reports of Woods and his many mistresses were rampant, Woods offered an apology to his fans and families Woods finally admitted infidelity, lost endorsement deals from several companies Gandhi Pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India during the Indian Independence
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