Harriet Tubman Research Paper

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Harriet Tubman Born in 1820 in Dorchester County, Maryland, Harriet Tubman was an African slave striving for freedom. Growing up Harriet was subjected to whippings and other harsh conditions. At the age of six she was considered an adult and able to work. She was not a slave that work in the fields but she was sent to do house-work at the woman’s house. She was beaten quite often and was sent back to the plantation when she got caught “slacking off“. At the age of twelve, Harriet Tubman had a severe head injury from a beating she took when she after refused to tie up a man that was trying to escape from the plantation. In 1844, Harriet married her husband, John Tubman, who was a freed African American. So for him having an understanding of what it was like being a slave striving for freedom was not something he ever thought about. Harriet Tubman has always dreamed about running away north to be free.…show more content…
This would require serious thought and planning on how to move him all the way from the U.S. to Canada. She bought a ticket and daringly rode the train in the middle of the day. On her way she met up with a gentlemen named Brown who was “a zealous and militant freedom fighter and antislavery activist destined to martyrdom in a failed attack on Harpers Ferry, Virginia” (Pg. 156). Brown heard all about Harriet and her genius mind of creating something so big so he called her “General Tubman.“ As she went on to freed more slaves she finale came back to free her father. She knew that if she got him to the Underground Railroad, that it would be a the challenge. It was a long and successful rescue to save her father. After so many rescues, from the UGRR Harriet Tubman would make her final trip in 1860. As the “conductor” of the UGRR, she had her friends take her to Canada where the 300 slaves that she had rescued were now
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