Harriet Tubman Informative Speech

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GENERAL PURPOSE: Inform SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience who Araminta Harriet Ross was aside from the woman who lead the Underground Railroad. CENTRAL IDEA: What it was like for her growing up, her marriage and family as well as her escape from slavery. INTRODUCTION: Growing up, I’m sure that many of you were familiar with this face. But tell me, do any of you recognize this woman? This is Araminta Harriet Ross, or for the majority of you, Harriet Tubman. Most of you may have learned about her in your earlier years. I’d like to take this moment to take you behind closed doors and teach you what you never learned about Harriet Tubman in your Social Studies Classes. BODY: I. Childhood and Diseases A. Dorchester County, Maryland ○ 8 siblings B. Her age isn’t confirmed, but historians estimate 1822 ○ Minty claims 1825 ○ Gravestone reports 1820 ○ Death certificate lists 1815 C. Age 6, Edward Brodess (Owner) appointed her as a nanny. ○ Miss Susan ○ Whipped when cried ○ Many scars remained ○ Prevention - Ran away for days, Wore more layers D. As a teenager, she was struck in the head (accidentally) ○ 2 lbs. weight ○ refused to capture a runaway slave ○ “had never been combed and ... stood out like a bushel basket” - saved her life ■ Sarah Bradford: Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman ○ Became narcoleptic - explain narcolepsy - demonstrate it. ■ Temporal Lobe Epilepsy ● Kate Larson: Bound for the Promise land: Harriet Tubman ○ began having “visions” & meaningful dreams ■ considered divine - direct word of God II. Family and Marriage A. 1840 Rit & Ben Ross were freed at 55 ○ unfortunately, Brodess didn’t believe in freeing the children as well B. around 1844 married a free black man - John Tubman ○ had no biological children - children born from enslaved mother claim status ■ Mom slave, child slave. mom free, child free ○
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