Harriet Stowe: The Little Lady That Started The War.

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Harriet Stowe: The Little Lady That Started The War. Harriet Beecher Stowe is credited with starting the Civil War. She lived a long eighty- five years, and lost four of her seven children to tragic death’s. It is said that when she met President Abraham Lincoln he joked "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war." Harriet was born in Connecticut in 1811. She was the daughter of Lyman Beecher, who was a persuasive preacher. Mr. Beecher was also a founder of the American Bible Society, who were active in the anti-slavery movement. Harriet was one of thirteen children, her mother died when she was five years old. After her mothers death she grew closer to her sister Catherine. She began teaching in Catherine’s school, and writing books with her soon after she turned thirteen. When Harriet’s father became president of Lane Theology Seminary in Ohio, she moved with him. Harriet met her future husband, Calvin Stowe who was a professor and apposed slavery. He was nine years older then her and, the widower of her friend, Eliza Tyler. Harriet and Calvin got married in 1836. The work of the Underground Railroad touched both Harriet and Calvin. The couple hid slaves in their home until they moved to Maine when Calvin got a job at Bowdoin College in 1850. Within two year’s Harriet had three children and, the couple worried financially as Calvin’s salary decreased. To earn some extra money Harriet wrote for local magazines and papers. Harriet became a literary sensation when “Uncle Toms Cabin was published. She got her inspiration for the book because Harriet lost four of her seven children, Her son Samuel Charles died at eighteen months from cholera, and her son Henry drowned while a student at Dartmouth college. Years later

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