Harriet Jacobs Essay

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Harriet Jacobs and Her Life Adventures Harriet Jacobs had a lot of Incidents in her life time. Known as a Mulatto as a child, torn between reality as a slave and the freedom she desires. Harriet was born in Edenton, North Carolina, shielded as a child from pure hatred. Although Harriet overcomes poverty, racism, sexual harassment and her parents dying as a child. Harriet becomes a strong willed person in the need of hope and luck. First up, Harriet’s mother, Delilah; was a slave, and her father, Elijah a carpenter who’s “strongest wish was to purchase his children, several times he offered but never succeeded “ (Incidents in the Life.. Page 11). Harriet had one brother named William who was two years younger than herself. Her grandmother was also a slave, she was well respected and was “the daughter of a planter in South Carolina, who, at his death left her mother and his three children free, with money to go to St. Augustine” (Incidents in the Life.. Page 11). On there way to St Augustine during the Revolutionary War, they were Hoxha 2 captured and sold to different slave purchasers. Secondly, Harriet’s grandmother was noticed for her loyalty and became an “indispensable personage in the household” (Incidents in the Life.. Page 12). She also was loved for her cooking, her homemade crackers became famous in her neighborhood. “My grandmothers mistress had always promised her that on her death, she should be free; and it was said in her will she made the good promise. However when the estate was settled Dr. Flint told her in these certain circumstances it would be better if she was sold“(Incidents in the Life.. Pg. 17). “Harriet’s brother Willie and herself often received portions of her grandmothers crackers, cakes, and preserves

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