Harrassement Case Study

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1. What strategies can Wendy use with Rob (give two well detailed strategies-make sure to use lesson and activity details to support your answer)? (2 marks) Let Rob know that his behavior is not making her comfortable. Tell someone about it that can help you. 2. When did the flirting end and sexual harassment begin for Wendy? (1 mark) The sexual harassment begins when Wendy becomes friendly with Rob and it didn’t end because Wendy didn’t tell Rob that she isn’t feeling comfortable with that. 3. How would Wendy go about filing a complaint? What steps could she take if the harassment continued? (2 marks) Wendy should prepare to contact the police by first gathering all the information you can about the harassment. It is a good idea to write out a list that includes the name and contact information of the person who is harassing you and the exact behavior that you believe constitutes harassment. If the harassment continued after the charged than Wendy should leave the work and go to some other places. 4. Why are victims reluctant to report sexual harassment? (2 marks) It is difficult to prove the charges. When such cases are reported many people come to know about it and the victim is looked down upon. 5. Why are issues of harassment and bullying so difficult to resolve? (3 marks) Because freedom of speech issues clouds the distinction between harassment and comment. A lot of the time people are scared to give the bully away because the bully has threatened them, also it is also hard to detect a bully when the bullying is cyber because nobody has seen the bully do it face to
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