Harmony Valley Canning Essay

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Harmony Valley Canning is stuck in the beginning of a downturn. This firm is a long-time processor in the highly seasonal vegetable canning industry. They pack and sell canned beans, peas, carrots, corn, peas and carrots mixed, and kidney beans. They have over $28 million in annual sales and are well-known for their consistent quality and competitive prices. Most of their goods are sold and under a retailer’s or a broker’s/wholesaler’s label, an indirect selling approach; they only sell under their own label to local institutions. Tom Bodell, the company’s former chairman and CEO, after taking over from his father as president, built up the company during his time of leadership. He became well-known within the canned food processing industry for technical and product innovations. He traveled widely during the off-canning season, adding inexpensive pineapple to their product line and improving the company’s production time while improving quality with the purchase of a technically advanced continuous process cooker. Harmony Valley’s past strategy plan was to build relationships with widely-based wholesalers and retailers. Tom Bodell was very good at making the company well-known for its quality and pricing, and the company prospered under his leadership. He focused on quality and building lasting relationships with customers. By adding pineapple, he expanded their product line and by introducing the new process cooker, he cut production time sharply while still improving quality. Product and service were the firm’s main concerns, leading to high sales and high profits. When Tom retired in 2008, his daughter Chelsea Bodell-Cooper took over as his successor. Although intelligent and hard-working, her main concern has been the company’s financial matters. She has ignored marketing problems until just recently. She has had success in terms of the

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