Harmful Effects of Tobacco

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Tobacco is bad. Everybody know that, but why do they use it? Some people think that they might look cool when they are smoking. Some want to be the same like their friends so they smoke. But do are there good reasons to smoke? No! This essay will talk about how harmful effects of tobacco is in these aspects: physical, mental, social and legal consequences. Smoking is a major cause of heart disease, aneurysms, bronchitis, emphysema, and stroke. It also makes pneumonia and asthma worse. Using tobacco can damage a woman's reproductive health and hurt babies. Smoking has been linked to other health problems, too, including gum disease, cataracts, bone thinning, and peptic ulcers. It is also linked to macular degeneration, an eye disease that can cause blindness. Smoking can make poor blood flow in the arms and legs worsen (peripheral vascular disease or PVD.) Cigarette smoking causes at least 30% of cancer death. It is a major cause of these following cancers: lung, voice box(larynx), mouth(oral cavity),throat ( pharynx), bladder, and the gulping tube connected to the stomach(esophagus). Smoking also linked to the following cancers: pancreas, cervix, kidney, stomach, some leukemia. Smoking is responsible for approximately 87% of lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. It’s also one of the most difficult cancers to treat. However, we can prevent this disease . For example, Some religious groups that promote non-smoking as part of their religion, such as Mormons and Seventh-day Adventists, so they have much lower rates of lung cancer than other smoking-related cancers. There are many organizations have been found to deal with the smoking problems like: American Lung Association, Nicotine Anonymous, Smokefree.gov… People who are new to tobacco may have nausea, dizziness, rapid heart beat, and a few other uncomfortable mental

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