Harmful Effects Of Alcohol Essay

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John Williamson 5/9/2011 English-1 301 Dr. Burgess The Harmful Effect of Alcohol How is that alcohol is legal but marijuana is not. Is it because people see the situation a little bit differently than i do? It could be because most people don’t realize the harmful effects of alcohol. For instance, marijuana doesn’t put our loved ones into the ground or in the hospital like alcohol. Alcohol can destroy one life if not handle properly, and it brings pain to family and love ones. In the 1900’s congress passed the eighteen amendments however, this prohibited the manufacture, sale transport, import or export of alcoholic beverages, but this was a problem. People went crazy, destroying property, and riots broke out in the city. This is something similar to marijuana. Today crimes rate are off the charts because of this drug. This drug puts people in great dangers, such as in prison, death and it causes the street to be unsafe. Every year many people died from a drunk driver. In addition, eighteen to twenty year olds are responsible for more than 10 percent of the drunken driving trips in America. Drunken driving can impact one-person life forever. I was first introduced to alcohol at the age of sixteen. As a teenage living on a east side of town, where their were shooting everyday on my street. It was very frightening to even step outside without knowing that someone will just started shooting up the of the street, because of a drug war. I went to high school at Sam Houston High School, where this school was known for its troubles. Therefore, the school was rated for the worst academic in the San Antonio Independent District. My friends were all in gangs, but I wasn’t. I guess I knew I would just be putting my life in jeopardy or hurting my parents more but I was already doing just that. I started to hang out with my friends more because I would come home every

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