harmful effects of Crack Cocaine

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Christina Grimes November 11, 2008 English Composition 120 Mrs. D. Tatum Paper #2 Cause/Effect Crack Cocaine: The Harmful Effects The use of crack cocaine, an extremely addictive and potentially deadly drug, results in many negative effects. Whether using or experimenting with crack cocaine, very seldom do people understand the severity of the drug, or realize the effects that causes dramatic changes in their life. When broken into two main categories crack cocaine has short and long-term effects. The effects of using crack cocaine enables detrimental, emotional, and mental aspects of a drug user’s life. Like most other illicit drugs, crack cocaine remains extremely insidious, because even with the possibility of death, drug addicts continue to use without caution. “When entered into the body, crack cocaine takes affect almost immediately.” (Emmit). The feeling of euphoria gained by using crack fades much quicker than the painful after-effects. Short-term effects of using crack cocaine include short bursts of increased energy, decreased appetite, increased temperature, mental anxiety, constricted blood vessels, and increased heart rates. As crack cocaine use continues, the effects felt from the drug continue to get more severe. User’s who continuously abuse crack cocaine begin experiencing feelings such as cravings, obsessions and higher tolerances, symptoms that characterizes a serious addiction. Long-term crack cocaine effects seem much more severe than short-term Grimes 2 effects. Restlessness, mood change, irritability, auditory hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and addiction are lasting emotional and mental effects to the user. In addition, the feeling of worthlessness is another emotional long-term effect of crack cocaine use. “With continuous use of this drug, more and more fatal users lose interest in their life and begin to drive loved ones out
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