Harmers Book Chapter 5 Essay

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DESCRIBING LANGUAGE MEANING IN CONTEXT Understanding depends on two things : 1 The context in which it is said 2 What the speaker wants people to understand Because of that one sentence can perfon a different language function. Our ability to function properly in conversation depends not only on reacting to the context in which we are using the language , but also on the relationship between words and ideas in longer texts. THE ELEMENTS OF THE LANGUAGE 1-GRAMMAR : -Putting a number of elements in the correct order (Subject+Verb+Complement), however changes are allowed to make ot our sentence elementss, and this changes will alter the meaning in the sentence 2-VOCABULARY : -What a words means is defined by its relationship with other words (antonyms and synonyms) and his morphology (changes we can make to the words) 3-PRONUNCIATION : -The way the sentence is spoken will also determine the meaning.: 1-Intonation : the way the voice goes up or down as we speak 2-the pitch : The level of the voice, high or low -The stress : -Sounds or Phonenemes : there are tow main categories : 1-Vowel : 2-Consonant : FORMS AND MEANING ONE FORM MANY MEANINGS With so many alvaible meanings for words and grammatical forms, it is the context the words occurs in which determines which of the meaning is referred to F.E. : the present perfect continuous in can be referred to the present (I am not listening) and the future (I am seeing him tomorrow) Words can also refer to more than one thing , book can be used as something to read, to reserve, a list of bets) ONE MEANING, MANY FORMS A meaning or concept can be expressed in many different ways, F.E. : the future form: I will see you tomorrow I am going to see you tomorrow I am seeing you tomorrow PARTS OF SPEECH THE NOUN PHRASE A noun phrase may consist of
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