Harm Done to Humans During the Sri Lankan Civil War

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Harm done to humans during the Sri Lankan Civil war Major conflict between two parties can lead to war. War, is the worst possible outcome of a disagreement. It occurs when two sides battle over a dissimilarity to gain power, information, rights, land or pride. There are several types of wars including guerrilla wars, civil wars, cold wars, cyber wars, proxy wars and world wars. All these wars arise as a result of conflict. War on many levels is useless and only leads to many other issues. In the Sri Lankan Civil war, major issues relating to humans included the brutal loss of lives, disruption to peace and harmony and child soldiering. War, as a result of conflict, leads to harm and disturbing deaths of humans. The Sri Lankan civil war was fought between the native Sri Lankans and Tamil Tigers, over ownership of the northern part of Sri Lanka. The war lasted for over 37 years, from 1972 to 2009, where an estimated 100 000 lives lost. Some of these lives were lost in extremely brutal ways, ways which we can never imagine. Body parts were chopped off or savagely broken, people were burnt alive or made to kill their own family to ‘harden up’. Also in the civil war in Sri Lanka, the Tamil tigers forced women to take part in helping them, unless they were pregnant. In some cases the fathers made their daughters pregnant just so they would not have to go to war. This civil war contained 260 suicide bombings; this is the most number of suicide bombing recorded in any war. There were many cases in which pregnant women gave up their lives following orders. These stories are disgusting. War should not be the result of any conflict as there are many issues that arise with it; brutal human deaths being one of the more tragic. The violence between these two sides, disrupted civilians’ peaceful way of life, which was another major issue. During the early 1980s, large numbers
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