Harley Davidson More Than A Motorcycle Essay

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HD has perceived a window of opportunities emerged from Asia-pacific and Europe markets. Since 1970s, HD encounters increased competition partly from Japanese companies. Currently, these companies pose threats for HD’s expanding of markets as well. To effectively reach its potential markets to largest extent, a successful marketing strategy should be concerned primarily. Furthermore, a marketing strategy centers on the marketing mix. 1: Product Broadening market appeal is major implication for HD for product policy and design (Grant and Nepert, 2003). Competitive advantage evolved along the HD history has been recognized lie in the super-heavyweight segment since 1909. Its established image linked to big, patented sound and V-twin. HD’s commitment to traditional design features caused torpid reaction to new customer needs. The lagging of technology existed between HD and its competitors when it introduced smaller and scale models. In recent time, HD faces threat of catering to Generation Y for the purpose of broadening market appeal to balance the customer losses from aging baby boomers. V-Rod model was introduced in 2001 to target younger market. However, HD’s Easy Riders and outlaw biker image which appealed to baby boomer were unrecognized by Generation Y motorcyclists. They had little interest over the company’s products. Potential needs of Generation Y motorcyclist for new features are unfulfilled by HD’s product. 2: Price Positioned to serve a focused segment of customers, who were largely from baby boomer in domestic market, HD obtained profit from charging premium price and customer loyalty. It has been described by Matejka and Murphy (2005), the niche of HD’s is outlaw image. Harley owners pay for this unique feature. However, HD’s new mission is to appeal potential customers from later generations. Unfortunately, outlaw image can no

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