Harley-Davidson marketing Essay

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ArthurТs brothers, William Harley and Walter, started Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 1903. They first started the business in the Davidson familyТs backyard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1904, the company then moved into an office. The company was acquired by AMF Inc, which favored short-term profits instead of investing in research and development and retooling. Harley focused solely on sales, while competitors were continuously improving the quality of their motorcycles. This resulted in a downturn of the company with weak profits. In 1981, a new management team joins to buyout the company. Harley-Davidson Inc. acquired the Buell Motorcycle Company during 1993. This investment offers Harley-Davidson the possibility of gradual entry into the sport and performance motorcycles market. In 1995, the company acquired Eaglemark. As a financial service company, Eaglemark provides financial services to leisure product manufacturers and their dealers and customers in the United States and Canada. At the same time, Eaglemark provides motorcycle floor planning to participate North American dealers of the Motor Company because it is a majority-owned subsidiary. They also offer retail-financing to the Motor CompanyТs domestic customers, and provide insurance for motorcycles as well as service contracts extensions. Eaglemark works complementary for the Motor Company. Harley-Davidson Inc. operates in two business segments: Motorcycles and Related Products and Financial Services. These two segments offer different products and services, and they are managed separately. However, the financial service works as a complementary for the Motor Company. Industry Essentials The motorcycle industry is a consolidated industry. The U.S. and international heavyweight motorcycle markets are highly competitive. The major players, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, and

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