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Memo Subject: Harley Davidson and the International Market of Luxury Goods 1. Which of Porter’s generic strategy is Harley Davidson using? Will this strategy work for all the countries in the case? Harley Davidson adopts a focused, differentiation strategy. They have developed a product and brand of superior value than that of many competitors, surpassing customer expectations. Harley Davidson’s products are classified as luxury products. To differentiate from competitors, Harley Davidson has implemented exceptional product quality, unique product features and high quality service. Harley Davidson has a narrow competitive scope; they focus on a limited product, the motorcycle. Many of Harley Davidson’s competitors have achieved product diversity and offer a wide range of products. Harley Davidson, alternatively, has decided to focus on their primary product and improve and innovate their motorcycles. Additionally, it is arguable that they focus on a certain clientele demographic and geographical area. 80% of Harley Davidson’s products are sold in the US, although it is a multinational country, this is a large emphasis on one area. Also, they have focused on a narrow end of the motorcycle market paying particular attention to the slightly older clientele with higher disposable income. In the United States of America this generic strategy has worked very well, however, alterations for this strategy may be needed for Harley Davidson to be successful in other countries. In the Europe, for example, the motorcycle market is very diverse. There are a lot of different types of terrains and climates and different motorcycle styles are offered in abundance, for example, cruisers, off road motorcycles, scooters, sport, super sports, touring, sports touring, choppers and traditional motorcycles are offered in the European market. Traditionally, although recent attempts

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