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Hardware Installation Essay

  • Submitted by: danny12
  • on January 2, 2012
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Script for installation process

Daniel: hello there and today we will be discussing the problems and hazards regarding hardware installation, we will go over the affects it can have to you and the hardware and preparations you should take to avoid and hazards.
Jack: I personally feel that most people are highly unaware of the hazards regarding the installation of new hardware. People need to be told that the dangers could be catastrophic towards the person and the hardware itself.
Daniel: what kinds of hazards surround the installation process that could harm the user?
Jack: well there is electric discharge otherwise known as (ESD) this occurs when the computer still has electrical currents running through it. People therefore need to disconnect any linkages to plug sockets or other devices that provide electricity.
Daniel: what precautions can people take when dealing with live equipment to prevent any shocks?
Jack: there are a variety of tools and methods designed to make this process a simple one, some of the equipment that should be used are anti static mat that the computer should be placed on and also a wrist strap to prevent and discharge effecting your body.
Daniel: what sort of damage could be done with regards to the hardware components?
Jack: well as you are dealing with all this live equipment static electricity builds up within your body and if you remove the wrist strap or anti static mat out of the equation then you are at a high risk of damaging the other components because when you handle them the discharge from your body could burn out or severally damage the hardware. And so as a result of this you could be losing precious data that is of a high value to you and can be worth allot of money.
Daniel: and so it is vital that all this safety equipment is used throughout the installation process to ensure the safety of you and the hardware.
Jack: yes the anti static wrist strap and mat is of a great importance and without it you are...

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