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Hardware Replacement Project Scarlet Melton IT/205 1/20/13 Xiaohui Wang Hardware Replacement Project The information technologies department has improved by creating the newest technology solution for customer relationship management. There are five major variables for the extension of the hardware replacement project which are time, costs, scope, quality, and risk. There are issues that affect project risks that needs to be explained which can be deliver in ways to complete this project with the least amount of risk. In my writing, I will also show the best way to be ready for and supervise the hardware replacement management. With project management activities, it consists of task assignment, progress reports, risk assessment, work organization, action directions, planning work, examining the consequences, gathering the necessary resources to finish the work, supervising project implementation, and gaining access to material and human resources. The hardware replacement project is mostly affected by five variables which are quality, costs, time, scope, and risk. First let’s talk about quality. Quality is the deciding results after the project has been finished and how happy the company is with it. So if the final results contributes to improving performance and decision making, the information systems project is quality made. So when the system is installed, the quality is affected by the variables like how user friendly it is, how useful the data that it produces, and how accurate. All of these examples identifies with the hardware replacement project. Next let’s talk about cost. The cost establishes how long it will take to finish the project and the cost of hours of work that it took to complete the process. There are things like software, hardware, and work space that can change the cost of the information systems project. An hardware replacement

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