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Hard Work Is Key to Success Essay

  • Submitted by: awesomems
  • on November 4, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Hard Work Is Key to Success" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hard work is Key to successes
This is an admitted fact that, hard word is Key to success. It means every one has to work hard to achieve his determined goal. The subject line emphasizes on hard work. Without hard work no one can get success. If success is a lock, then one needs a Key to unlock that lock.
When we peep into the history we find many personalities who become successful in their prime objectives, only by the dint of their hard work. They worked hard in order to achieve their motto and qualified for that. It my not the out of the sense to jot down here the examples of one of the great personalizes who got success in his life in spite having lot of difficulties in his life. But they never gave up word hard.
The history witnessed it self, that nelson Mandela was a man who fought of the rights of black peoples of Africa. In spite of imprisoned up to 27 years. He newer surrendered himself, and continued his struggle. As the result of his utmost struggles and hard work he got the rid of his difficulties, and hampers towards his prime objective. He became successful and elected as the first black prime minister of Africa. All he got name and fame is the result of his tireless efforts and hard work. It was his hard work gave him success in his goal.
Another example of great personality from the history is Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who was the funder of Sindh Madarsat-ull-Islam. He fought for the Muslims of sub continents. He gave the ideology of Pakistan. He taught children of Muslims of sub-continents of get the rid of the Hindus of sub-continent, he aware people of sub-continents of there rights. That Muslims should have equal rights like Hindus of sub-continent. He thought, Muslims of subcontinent that they are the separate nation. And the Muslim community is entirely deferent from the Hindus. As the result Pakistan came into existence in the year of 1947. Conclusively, the Muslims of sub-continent got their separate homeland, where they can pass their...

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