Hard Work and Love: the American Dream

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Hard Work and Love: The American Dream In the very beginning of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen, it mentions how the parents, Tom and Kate, meet each other. They immediately fell in love. They both had dreams of either having a big family or being the coach of a star football team. By the end of the movie, Kate got the big family she wanted and Tom was offered his dream job. Just like in Cheaper by the Dozen, People today have dreams of having a loving family or being successful in life. People come to America to try to fulfill their American Dream, but the basis of all American Dream has the same meaning. The basis of the American Dream is to have a big family and to be successful. Just like Kate Baker’s dream, Americans hope to be able to start a family of their own. My Grandma Linda met my Grandpa Melvin met when they were in high school and became high school sweethearts. They had four children and love them all. Now my Grandma Linda is eighty-two years old and my Grandpa Melvin is eighty-three years old. They have been married for sixty-five years and are the cutest old couple I have ever seen. My grandparents are living proof that the American Dream of having a family and living happily can truly happen. The American Dream of being successful is just like Tom Baker’s dream of being the football coach for a pro team. Many people want to be able to grow up, make money, have a family, and be successful in every way possible, which is hard to do. My Uncle Allen came over to America from France when he was seven years old. Here in America, he met his wife, my Aunt Kitty, and they got married and had three kids. Uncle Allen became a very successful man. He is an Engineering professor at Princeton University and he owns his own GPS company based in London, England. He makes big money and is able to provide for his wife and all of his kids with no

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