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Hard Work Essay

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Hard Work
I believe that it is essential to work hard in life in order to succeed. I did not always believe this, until I was a sophomore in high school. During my sophomore year, I was wrestling on the junior varsity team. My coach told me that if I put in the work in and out of practice, he would let me challenge off the current varsity wrestler, in my weight class, for his spot. I got up early every morning before school in order to run three to four miles, and to lift weights. I did not have to do this, but I realized that it was helping me become a better wrestler by developing my strength and endurance.
My coach noticed that I was doing a lot better in practice, and he offered me a chance to challenge off the current varsity wrestler. I gladly accepted his offer, and I wrestled the kid the next day in practice. The six-minute match that I wrestled was the most grueling match that I have ever endured. However, I never thought about quitting during the match. I never thought about quitting because I realized that I had worked very hard just to gain the opportunity that my coach had given me. I used the grit that I had developed from the all of my hard work in order to pin my opponent in the last 20 seconds of the third period. I was awarded the varsity spot, and I knew it was all due to my hard work.

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