Hard Times Essay

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Worksheet on Reading and Comprehension 1) What type of text is it? It is part of a novel. A novel is an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story. 2) What features of the text make it the type of text you have identified? It contains paragraphs. It does not have poetical features. A novel can be long and often complex; it is usually divided into chapters, in which the story traditionally develops through the thoughts and actions of its characters. 3) Is the text largely imaginative and perhaps conveying truth through fiction? The text is exaggerated. Or is the text imaginative and perhaps conveying truth through fiction? Give reason why The author tries to portray his opinions. 4) Where appropriate, identify any examples of emotive language in the text. The title, ‘Murdering the Innocents’ is a very good example of emotive language. It involves a lot of emotions and causes emotions. Dickens uses irony in this chapter heading: The innocents are being murdered. Dickens mocks all three adults who have any dealings with the children because he says that, whatever education is offered in this school, it is simply murder. From my reading, I can guess what aspect of the children is being murdered. In fact, they are being drilled to believe that only facts have relevance. There are other aspects to life: imagination, above all, and feelings. This kind of education ignores that aspect of a child. This kind of education wants the children to be filled up with facts, and then assumes that the children will be well equipped to take their place in a technologically developing world. Dickens develops character in this title, showing that anyone who indulges in this narrow and restricted form of education

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