Hard Life for Women in 21st Century

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Hard Life for Women in the 21st Century According to the article “‘Bossy’, the Other B-word” by Sheryl Sandberg and Anna Maria Chavez, confident girls with leadership skills are often called bossy and struggled most of the time. It is a man’s nature to be leader, confident and opinionated, but when a girl shows the same qualities she is called bossy or other inappropriate words. Sandberg and Chavez write that girls are labeled as “aggressive”, “overly ambitious” or “too ambitious”. They talk about how the stereotypes about genders are affecting both, the little girls and powerful women. They talked how hard it is to be ambitious woman, who knows what she wants and all the negativities about being powerful woman. It is hard to be a woman in the 21st century and to live with all kind of stereotypes, to fight for equal rights, and to be: a good mother, wife, and woman with career at the same time. Traditionally, the female stereotypic role is to marry, have children and take care for the household and her husband. This is unfair and hard to live it. Not every woman on the planet wants to get married and have children. There are many ambitious, clever and intelligent women who want to make a career and to succeed in life. Those women have to struggle and live with society expectations and literally fight for what they want because society expects every woman around 27-32 year old to have kids. Not only that, but If those women show and leadership qualities, stand what they want and enounce their opinion, they are being called bossy. As Sandberg and Chavez write in their article there is deep-rooted stereotypes- we expect boys to be confident and leaders, but if a girl acts like that, we do not like this. All these expectations and stereotypes make life harder for women. In addition, women still need to fight for equality. In today society is harder for women to

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