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Hard Bop Hard bop is a style of modern jazz developed by musicians in the late 1950’s. It is a very heavy, dark, and impassioned form of bebop and focuses mostly on the saxophone and drums who play in a more leading style. The foundation for this music was “bebop,” a style that became famous in the late 1940’s, which was known for its fast tempo, instrumental skill and improvisation. Hard bop was a type of music played mostly by town musicians originally from Detroit, Philadelphia and New York, which reflected an East Coast background. Hard bop differentiated with the West Coast's cooler, calmer response. It was type of rejection to the more relaxed, West Coast jazz, called Cool Jazz. Hard bop's influences included bebop, blues, rhythm and blues, and black gospel music. Though this style of music was set out for all people to listen to, it mostly set for African Americans, which is known as being “Afro-centric”. Hard bop was used as a form of releasing emotions by African American men to illustrate their frustration with the social, political, and economic problems of America at that time, which aimed mostly at segregation and racism. This music style played a huge role and contributed to the early stages of the civil rights movement. There are two different types of hard bop, mainstream and funky jazz. Mainstream jazz is a much more complex form of hard bop with difficult melodies, complex improvisations and chord progressions. It symbolizes the fast-paced, energetic, intricate New York and East Coast lifestyle. On the other hand, Funky jazz is somewhat simple, with simple melodies, simple chord progressions and simple forms. Though these two different types of hard bop are rather different, they still convey the same musical feeling of rhythm, groove and emotional passion. Of the many people who contributed to this new form of jazz, the two most memorable of

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